Answers to frequently asked questions

  • Do you have an existing IT solution for the management of applications?

    eMundus offers a white label online platform that brings together spaces and extensive functionality for repetitive task automation, collaboration and interconnection that an organization needs to accelerate and improve end-to-end reliability of its application management process. She understands:

    • a public portal to present the programs open to candidates
    • a deposit area specific to each proposed program, associated with a custom-built form to collect the desired information, sometimes specific to a program
    • a space accessible to a generally limited number of users to manage the campaign , create user accounts, define user profiles, create email templates, manage the rules for automatic sending of emails by the platform, etc.
    • an evaluation area , also accessible to a certain type of user (with an evaluator profile), to comment and evaluate, alone or with others, the complete application files received
    • a decision space to enter the final decision of the jury in each evaluated file
    • a dashboard to quickly access and consult key statistics and analyzes in the form of graphs, printable in the form of charted reports and exportable in different formats (Excel / CSV, PDF, ZIP)
    • an archiving space for files

    The eMundus platform thus enables a customer to:

    • give visibility to programs
    • improve its image and the candidate's experience
    • speed up processing and decision-making times
    • maintain contact with depositors at each stage of the process thanks to the alert system and automatic email sending included in the solution, which will allow one or more people to be automatically re-launched or informed of a change, regardless of their user profile

    According to needs and to go further, it is possible to activate additional functions on demand : generation of trombinoscopes, online payment, electronic signature, automatic generation and personalization of a standard document, setting up of a connection LDAP, maintenance booking, automatic transfer and storage of processed files to an archiving space located outside the platform ...

  • If so, is it "full web" software?

    The eMundus solution is accessible in its entirety via the web. In addition, because we believe that nothing should remain the property of only one, we make the source code of our solution public free of charge (Open source). The reversibility of the source code is complete, giving the possibility to a third party to maintain and develop the platform.

  • How do you manage the regulations on the protection of personal data?

    The data collected through the eMundus solution is hosted either on eMundus servers (based in France) or on those of the customer.

    eMundus receives the data sent by the applicants and performs, through algorithmic processing, a compliance check on certain documents (passport, identity card, visa, identity photo) to certify that it is of the requested documents and that their format is correct.

    To avoid any failure, backups on our Web files and also on the databases are made on our servers (rented from the service provider SoYouStart). In terms of backup, the encryption is in AES-256 (encryption algorithm used by the NSA) with a data retention policy (backup over 7 days, retention of 4 backups per month, 12 backups per year for each client ). All our machines are secure and do not use any password to connect. We all use RSA type encryption keys ranging from 2048 to 4096 bits.

    Some details about the security and confidentiality measures put in place:

    • Physical access to treatment is protected (secure building)
    • A user authentication process is implemented (password)
    • Connection logging is performed
    • A firewall filters access to the server
    • The connection to the platform is encrypted via an SSL certificate
    • Backups are encrypted
    • Backoffice access is secure at the server level
    • At-risk IP addresses are blocked
    • When there is detection of a hacking attempt by a user, this user is automatically blocked

    eMundus is not responsible for the retention and deletion of application data, which is used by our clients. Only an encrypted data backup is performed to ensure recovery of lost data. This backup takes place once a day and is kept for a maximum of one year. We reliably respect our GDPR policy .

  • Is your IT solution compatible with other applications? Are bridges possible? Especially with CRM or ERP type software?

    The eMundus solution is very easily interconnected by means of an API with the software used by our customers, allowing the automatic sending of the information entered in the eMundus platform to these tools, and vice versa also if necessary.

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